Many of you work from home, which is great. You don’t have a commute, you can water your plants and check what’s in the fridge whenever you want - and if you have kids, everything is so much easier.

On the other hand, you’re spending a lot of time alone with limited feedback from the outside world. It’s easy to lose motivation, let the self doubt creep in, and start questioning yourself at every turn.

If you’re lacking direction and would like someone with an experienced eye to review your artwork and offer support and guidance, I’d love to help.

I'm offering one-hour consultations via Skype. I ask for a list of your key concerns and review your artwork beforehand - so we can focus on your specific needs throughout our conversation.


Some topics you may like to discuss are;

  • Strengths and weaknesses - where to focus your attention

  • Style - how to identify yours and develop it

  • Portfolio - what’s missing and what you need to reach a broad client base

  • Presentation - how to organise and present your artwork professionally

  • Strategy - how to achieve your art career goals


If you’re a professional artist (currently working/building your portfolio) and would like a consultation, fill out the form below to schedule an appointment. Submit a link to your artwork and outline your top-five key concerns in the message box. Please let me know which time zone you’re in too. All sessions last for one hour. The fee is $200, payable via PayPal in advance of our call.

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Please complete the form below

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Earlier this year I had a consultation with Victoria. I have had several other consultations and mentoring sessions with other industry specialists. Victoria’s session was different. She was able to pin point and address my strengths, my best works in my portfolio and provided a professional opinion that came from her years of experience as both an artist and designer who has worked in the fashion, textile, home decor and illustration market segments. She provided me with a very simple way of planning my artwork and design collections. I really liked her no fuss, business orientated, simple, uncomplicated process in relation to design and management. This helped me to build a professional portfolio of artwork and pattern collections and it also changed my design process. The biggest plus with a consultation with Victoria is that she really understands the industry and her advice comes from being an artist so she can really relate and offer first hand experience.
— Kirsten Katz
My consultation with Victoria was everything I had hoped for. She had reviewed my work ahead of time and was ready-to-go with helpful insights and feedback. I had the strange feeling that she could read my mind because her comments about my work were so perceptive. By the end of the hour I had a very specific and focused game plan for moving forward with my work. I plan to schedule a second follow-up consultation in a few months. Thank you Victoria!
— Portia Monberg
Victoria’s professional insight was invaluable. I am a passionate watercolour pencil drawer who is new to the art licensing world. She provided me with guidance and a sense of direction. Victoria confirmed that my style will suit the art licensing world, which was great to hear because this was a major concern of mine. She provided me with avenues to follow up and some goals to achieve. I have already started on devoting time to these. I am a very goal focused person, so this was perfect for me. She also suggested a number of artists that I can learn from.
Her enthusiasm and knowledge provide me with the confidence to continue along this creative path.
Just what I needed! I am so glad I saw you in Uppercase. Wonderful.Thank you!
— Alissa Duke
I was looking for a consultation from an “artist’s point of view” and I found that with Vicky. When we spoke it was as if we were having a creative conversation over tea. Vicky was spot on about my work, my style and market fit. She was focused, thorough and honest and her advice came with an action plan. I loved that! Sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to “see” your path. Thank you Vicky!
— Deborah A. Velásquez
Victoria’s years of experience is evident as she guided me through various existing pieces in my portfolio. She was very clear and concise on how my art could be expanded in new and exciting ways to further my collections- ones I had never considered ! Victoria sense of colour is phenomenal and I was very grateful for her insights. Her research was extremely thorough and my hour with her was highly worthwhile - I totally recommend a consultation with her.
— Ohn Mar Win
Victoria’s consultation and examination of my work has been extremely valuable to me as I prepare for my first Surtex show. She keyed in on my most successful pieces and gave me recommendations for building on my strengths. As a professional with industry experience, Victoria gave me confidence to pursue the areas of my work that I am most passionate about, while still being relevant to the market. In addition, she demystified areas of the art market that I was concerned about, and made my dream seem attainable. Besides the valuable professional advice, she was a lovely person to talk to; like chatting with a friend!
— Bley Hack
My consultation with Victoria really helped me get my focus back at a time when I really did not know where to take my art or if I should keep pursuing it. She looked at all my pieces in depth and gave me really detailed overview of which pieces were strong which elements were strong/weak and how to take the strong elements to the next level. She also gave me key insight into the industry and how to maneuver my art so that it gets seen. It was a really great consult and gave me the confidence to keep going.
Thanks Victoria!
— Agnes Schugardt
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