Welcome to Create Explore

I’ve been a professional artist/designer for more than twenty years. During that time, I’ve designed in-house, been represented by agents, and owned my own studio. My artwork has featured on the products of dozens of well-known companies (you can see my work here).

Several years ago I decided to create and sell a body of work under my own name. At the outset, I remember worrying that I was being repetitive, always gravitating towards the same colours, subject matter and ways of working. I felt obliged to be more versatile, wear different hats, embrace certain trends and themes, even if they didn’t appeal to me. It dawned on me, however, that my ‘repetitive’ choices represented my unique taste, the things that inspire and motivate me. I was selecting certain colours, materials and subject matter, over and over again, because I was interested in them! I recognised that my choices were valid and unique and, as long as I could use my taste commercially, my work would be original and find an enthusiastic audience - and so started a new chapter in my art career with an intense focus on what I wanted to do rather than what I thought I should do! I discovered the best way to unearth my preferences, my taste, was to experiment and explore the things that I liked - and the more I explored, the more my style emerged and solidified. It was a revelation, the key to building a body of work I could be proud of. 

With this in mind, my Create Explore courses are structured to encourage you to delve deep into new ways of working that spark your curiosity and result in unique pieces that reflect your taste. My aim is for you to make discoveries about yourself as an artist and expand your repertoire, while learning more about how this industry works and how you fit into it. Style is the holy grail in the creative world. It’s the difference between someone buying your work or choosing someone else’s. The trick is understanding how your style can be developed and applied within a commercial context. 

Create Explore courses offer/include;

  • Information-packed, beautifully-presented briefs that are grounded in industry knowledge, providing commercial frameworks within which you can feel free to experiment and explore.

  • Relevant, up-to-date themes, trends and colour palettes, designed to inform, inspire and challenge.

  • Dozens of suggestions (from me) to trigger your enthusiasm but, in the end, you choose how you want to approach your artwork. 

  • A massively diverse range of participants, from all levels (and parts of the world!). It’s fascinating to see how artists interpret the briefs in such different ways.

  • A sense of community that is warm-spirited, encouraging and supportive, where students learn from each other! 

  • A huge emphasis on individuality, which means there are no demos or videos. I make myself very available to students and comment regularly on the work but the point is that you take a direction that’s meaningful to you!!! 

  • Live courses that take place within a vibrant community (that includes me!), during a specific time period. I keep the classrooms open for four weeks after the class finishes (for those who want to continue or catch up) but the courses are best taken at the time they run.

You can use the courses as a professional artist, building your portfolio, or as a curious creative, looking for inspiration and artistic development (or both!). Many of my students have kindly shared their experiences. Have a read of ‘What Students Think’ to find out whether you’d like to join me (us) in future courses and sign up for my Newsletter for the latest announcements!! 

Victoria xx