Have you ever sat down to a blank page, ready to create something wonderful - then ground to a halt?

Did you have a zillion ideas and couldn’t decide which one to choose, or was your mind as empty as that page and wouldn’t come up with anything?

Or was there a great idea in your head - but the minute you sat down, pen in hand, it seemed a bit obscure and you convinced yourself no-one would want to buy it?

I imagine you don’t have the luxury of time to sit there for an hour pondering. You’re trying to earn a living at this and need to draw something.

So what sells? What can you count on?

Birds, butterflies and flowers.

They’re about as commercial as it gets. Year in year out, they feature in designs for just about every product you can think of.

If you know anything about my artwork, you’ll know I do them over and over again. Not because I’m an avid nature enthusiast (I can barely name a species), but because they sell.

They’re also beautiful, offering endless possibilities for exploring colour and form. When I want to try out something, they’re perfect vehicles for a new technique. They’re versatile and can stand alone as the primary focal point in a design, or be used as decorative elements for other subject matter.

So when I’m faced with that blank page and a small window of time, I design a bird, butterfly or flower. Over time I’ve built up a bank of imagery that I pull from whenever I need it. I’ve also strengthened my style a lot, by repetition.

I’m setting myself a challenge to create a single bird, butterfly or bloom every day. I’ll be posting to IG stories and feed. Please join me!

Tag @victoriajohnsondesign and #birdsbutterfliesandblooms

(Since #inktober2019 is running simultaneously, why not do it as part of that too - it’s great motivation for all of us!!)

Think small - nothing fancy or polished. Try something new on a scrap of paper. Do it while you’re watching telly. Humble beginnings often lead to interesting outcomes.

To see what I mean, have a look at these sketches. I drew these birds while sat in a deck chair watching my kids swim - and had no idea they’d become Editor’s Picks in the Minted West/ Elm competition the following year.

The little, scrappy butterfly sketches were the basis of some of my best selling designs ever. They became a fabric collection and numerous cards.

I hope you’ll join me. I’d love to see what you do!

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