You may know I’ve launched my brand new course Create Collections.

So many of you have already signed up but the cart is open until April 22nd - so there’s still time. See details here.

Before the course begins, I want to tell you about a fantastic development.

David Sweet of Dashwood Studios is very interested in looking at the finished artwork from the course! There are no guarantees but this is an incredible opportunity for you to get your work seen by an industry leader.

(I’m thrilled for you but not totally surprised - I’m always in awe and super proud of the extraordinarily high level of artwork that my students create).

Dashwood studios produce some of the most modern, sophisticated, beautifully conceived fabric collections available, always with stunning colour palettes. He works with super-talented artists.

Check out the mouthwatering collections on their Instagram feed - dashwoodstudio.

David kindly offered to tell me what he looks for in a collection of designs. This is super helpful and relevant advice from the frontline and I want to share it with you!  

So here you go;

  1. Originality/something that stands out from the crowd - I need to see the artist’s hand - for me, it’s the most important thing when I look for new talent. I always look for hand drawing skills.

  2. A unique theme or a twist on a favourite - eg, if you are doing woodland make it different by adding a twist.

  3. A variety of prints, scales, ground colours. Also design pace - some packed, some spaced, some directional, some tossed.

  4. Every print deserves its place - lots of interest and perceived value.

I hope you find that as informative as I did. These are such valid points and I’ll be addressing each of them in further detail in my course.

If you want to learn more about working in collections (and not just for fabric but for all markets) sign up now!